Yoni Mapping Therapy – The next wave of Evolution  for women

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Yoni mapping is one of the most profound experiences I’ve had  in my mind, body  and soul all at the same time.

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy’ is a revolutionary healing modality for women, a holistic approach to pelvic wellness. It is a gentle and respectful ‘guided tour’ of your most mysterious region – the incredible female pelvis.

I had no expectations when I arrived at my session with Koryn , my yoni  Mapping Therapy Practitioner.

I had no sex or intimacy issues , such  as not being able to orgasm , lack of sexual desire, feeling inhibited in my body or any shame around being a sensual sexual woman. I had grieved and made peace with my disempowering sexual experiences from my past.

I  did however arrive at the session, feeling disconnected from my inner spirit  as a sacred  feminine being.

Even in my work helping women discover what holds them back from stepping into their sensual feminine power, I too am a woman living in todays society, where we are  targeted and fed an idea of what being a woman is.

We then have men unconsciously  playing out what they are fed and somewhere we are left feeling disconnected from our bodies and femininity.

This is the state of the collective consciousness.

If we were to sit down and write out how we feel about our bodies and  our yoni’s, we would see that we are all sharing a similar story which isn’t serving us individually or  collectively.

I call it the scared body.

THE SCARED BODY – Where society is lost

Her body is in need of constant improvement.

Her body is sex.

Her body is her identity.

Her body is a commodity.

Her body has a use by date.

Her body is a  source of pain.

Her body is not to be trusted.

Her body is not hers.

For many years I’ve held a dream that womens sexuality and sensuality is the answer for a society that has lost its way in how we relate to each other as human beings.

The dream is now a reality, as  I see each woman  ( of whom some are my clients) wake up  from the collective consciousness of the scared body.

Through  deprogramming  of the mind and yoni mapping, she steps into the sacred body.

THE SACRED BODY- Finding our way back through the yoni

Her body is her temple.

Her body holds  wisdom.

Her body is her loving companion in this life.

Her body is a portal to the divine.

Her body is creative .

Her body is hers to express her sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality on her terms.

Her body holds pleasure and pain, just like life itself.

Her yoni is a gateway to healing  the scared body to the sacred body.

As each woman wakes up  from the collective consciousness of the scared body and steps into  the sacred body, she changes her perception of herself.

She awakens to a renewed sense of who she is, not what the mind has being telling her.

The physical aspect of  mapping the yoni brings to life through the release of emotions , a deep    knowing of inner wisdom and self love, that we each hold from our experience of being a woman.

It’s in these emotions that we enter what I like to call the yoniverse.

After Koryn took me on a journey to the Yoniverse, I found myself in a conscious  dream like state, where my vitality, senses and passion reunited.

As others have asked me of my experience with much curiosity, I find words fail to explain how profound it was. Yet I’m left with these two sentences.

Dare to go where others have not been

It’s there you will discover  your dream.

Love Lisa

For more information on Yoni Mapping and Koryn.