27 Jul 2017

What I wish I knew about being a woman sex and my body as a teenager.

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What I wish about being a woman,sex and my body as a teenager.

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As my daughter and i recently attended a charity event for human trafficking and sexual exploitation it highlighted even more the importance of bringing light into the darkness surrounding sexual energy and education for the next generation. Something of course most of you will know I’m passionate about.
I felt compelled to write this post and I hope that it may help any parents out there who may be unsure of how to bring awareness to their teenage daughters.

1) You are a sacred Goddess and your femininty is your power. Your body is a sacred tool that transmits emotions and feelings as you experience life. It also holds inifinite love and wisdom that you are born with and are able to access to guide you through life..

2) Sexual energy is a powerful feeling that will awaken your body , mind and spirit. Welcome this and know that it is is your life force energy.

3) Your decisions in life and the choices you make will be influenced by this force. It is not to be used to seek validation, or because you feel lonely or unloved, or unattractive or because you think that will get the boyfriend you desire or to gain power over another.

4) This energy is highly attractive and others who have no knowledge of their own sacredness will seek to take it from you for their own gratification.

5) Trust your intution and always remember when you feel doubtful of who you are, your sacred sensuality is acknowledging , honouring, respecting, voicing, expressing, believing, shaping , celebrating , empowering you on the journey to becoming the divine woman who is here to reflect the aliveness , sensitivity , creativity , beauty and sacredness of life.
Love Lisa


Love Lisa



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