Turn-on DOESN’T mean: You feel like having sex all the time Your pussy is dripping all the time You’re obsessively thinking about your pussy, or sex You have to dress in anyone else’s definition of “sexy”

Turn-on DOES mean: You feel a sense of your own aliveness and your life force You know that your spirit and your body are one Your native enthusiasm is intact Your ability to reach for pleasure is on – especially when it seems difficult You’re in your right mind and your highest power You’re you – full, complete, and whole.

Turn-on is about how we, more than ever, have to flip our switch, turn our light on, turn ourselves on, turn our power on, no matter our individual circumstances or the condition of the world in which we find ourselves.

Just as an altar in a sanctuary requires upkeep and maintenance to feel sacred, so does the body of a woman. It is our sacred responsibility to look and feel as turned on as possible so we can connect to the sacred within ourselves. To shine our radiance on the world. Why? If we disregard the sacred within us, we cannot connect to our turn-on. And when we are not turned on, we are not connected to our life force. And if we are not connected to our life force, it means we are not owning our own power.

If we are not owning our power, it means someone else is.


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