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Are you looking for a speaker with a difference?

Would you like your audience to feel inspired, uplifted and energised?

Would you like your event to be the one that everyone remembers for all the right reasons?

Are you looking for a way to bring women closer together through sharing the reality of how our sensuallity impacts how we do business,  presented in a humorous , interactive and powerful way?

Lisa just doesn’t speak, she energises, entertains, inspires, informs, lights up and unites the whole audience.

An award winning entreprenuer, Lisa  shares the highs and lows of  business, the evolution of  having an idea for a product  and bringing it to market.  Her inspiring anecdotes of how she went from not believing she was “smart  or confident enough” to be in business and how her self confidence grew as she brought  the Be Be vibrator from an idea in her head to exporting winning awards .

She is a comic natural who has the talent to present taboo subjects about women, their bodies, sensuality, sexuality and relationships in an educational, empowering and unforgettable way, whilst empowering women to follow their passion and dreams in business.

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“Thanks Lisa, your presentation has given me clarity on my path forward.”

“Loved your energy and enthusiasm.”

“Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing and creating such a fun space for everyone. I enjoyed every moment of your presentation.”

“Loved your talk and so much fun.”

“You are hilarious Lisa, so much fun and so inspired by your talk.”

“Lisa you are one of the best speakers I have seen, can I put you in a box and take home you home?”

“Thank you so much for your amazing entertaining talk.”

“Lisa you take the subject of womens sexuality and make it so comfortable and fun, thank you for this important information.”

“Your energy is infectious, I had so much fun”

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