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Don’t miss our On The Couch Podcast starting soon.

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We are so blessed to have such a diverse and vibrant community.  On the Couch celebrates our diversity and our stories.

Women from all walks of life share what it means to “love being woman”.

podcast episodes

Indigenous astronomy

The Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest on our incredible planet.  Astronomy has always been an important part of this culture – based on stories, rock art, and language – indigenous people were undoubtedly the first astronomers.

local artist shares her story

Rani shares her journey of creativity and the trials and tribulations of a struggling artist in our community.
Rani’s open and honest story is an inspiration to us all and an open invitation for us to explore our own creative expression.

surviving breast cancer

Local Lawyer Lulu shares her story.  Her journey of healing and the road to wellness whilst at the same time balancing a busy legal practice and the demands of family.  A call to arms for all women, highlighting the need for self care, nurture and compassion.

A refugee in wollongong

Jaya from the Congo shares her inspiring story. What life has been like for her and what she does to make life easier for other refugees coming to our community. Her heartfelt, inspiring story will feed your soul and spread compassion and love.

on the couch

Lisa Hughes and Miranda Bond travel across our region with the roving red couch.
And yes it is the awesome red velvet chaise lounge you see here!
Local women share their inspiring stories and why they LOVE BEING WOMAN.

ideas for on the couch

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