My Story

Lisa About photo2

Hi I’m Lisa Hughes, the designer of the Be Be.

In 2007 I had a conversation whilst out running with a friend about women, vibrators and well-being, as you do. We wondered why such an intimate product for women, was designed and marketed by men. After that run a misssion was born, to design a vibrator for women by women. 

After 2 years of research and development, along with a team of women who generously gave feedback on the design (hard job , but someone had to do it) the Be Be was launched in 2009.  

I have spent over 10 years educating, entertaining and coaching women in connecting to their sensuality and bodies in a whole new way. 

Be Be is not just another vibrator. It is the worlds first award winning design that has one goal, to explore our sensual desires so that we feel liberated in expressing the cultural  supression of our voices, bodies and pleasure.

It is my wish to that  we take responsibilty for our pleasure, support and encourage each other,  for the benefit of our familes, communities and future generations.  

Love Lisa 

If you are curious – 5 other things about me.

1. Married since 1994

2. 2 daughters born 1998 & 1999 

3. Grew up on a farm on the  Far North Coast NSW.

4. I used to be very shy talking about sex, clearly not any more!

5. I am currently at university studying Performance Art.