My Story

Lisa About photo2Hi! I’m Lisa Hughes your Sacred Sensuality Coach.

Long story made short, in 2007, I founded an award winning business Love Being Woman dedicated to women’s sensual wellbeing and am the creator of the International Award winning Be Be Vibrator

After many years travelling around Australia, educating and helping women to embrace their sexuality and sensuality, out of nowhere my life drastically changed, it was in 2011: I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

After surgery, when I began the healing process I came to see my illness as a gift. The gift was vulnerability to be me. I realised  I had spent so much time and energy in my business,  pursing an idea of success,  I had lost myself in the world of validation and approval. You know that old one, worrying about what people think and trying to please them!  I renewed my mind, body and soul through the practise of yoga, studying to be a counsellor and connecting  to my  heart space instead of head space.

Working from the heart changed the course of my business, my relationships and how I express  myself. Over the years, I have had many mentors and teachers who have helped me on my journey. From international thought leaders in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics, to shamans sharing ancient wisdom.  All of these experiences  and teachings have taught me how to honour my spirit and find confidence  to step outside  the box I had found myself in , buisness owner, wife and  mother.  I am as you are a beautful creative expression of the divine feminine and nothing gives me greater pleausre than to see women awaken to their own truth, power and beauty.

Love Lisa


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