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The age  of the empowered woman has brought freedom, change , growth , strength and independence. I call it the Age of the Superwoman.

If you feel happy, connected to life, maintain healthy, intimate relationships, love your body and the pleasure it gives you,  know exactly how to deal with stress, spend your days waking up with gratitude, have time pursuing your creativity, attract people in your life who  nourish your soul, feel liberated in your vulnerabilities, see only the best in people, have compassion for yourself, and are grateful and turned on to be YOU, then yes, you are a superwoman – congratulations!

However, from time to time we all struggle to maintain these exquisite Superwoman qualities, which is why I have created this course designed especially for women like you to help you reach these goals and become the Superwoman you are destined to be.

What  if you know you are a superwoman, yet there are things on the list above that you haven’t  been able to experience in your life and you want them?

What if  I could identify what is stopping you from getting what you want ?

What if  you were shown the keys to unlocking parts of yourself that would have the potential to change your life from the inside out?

What if you went on a journey that was liberating, insightful,empowering, exciting, yet totally  out of your comfort zone.?

What if I could show you a way, to get what you want through incorporating ancient and modern  feminine wisdom and practises?


Yet if you feel this is resonating for you then read on.

 Mojo Magic – Know Thy Self

Mojo from Cambridge dictionary – a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

Mojo Magic  is a cutting edge course that works on awakening  and activating your  neuroanatomy and neurohormones, through identifiying thought patterns and behaviours connected to your sensuality and femininity.  The thoughts that you have about yourself as a  sensual /sexual woman not only create  your reality  but release  hormones that impact your emotions, body , actions, decisions and outlook on your life. These thoughts will either inhibit your growth and drain your energy (mojo) keeping you stuck  or be the source of getting what you desire so  you can thrive and shine. You will learn how to cultivate the key to  feminine powers, that catalyze and truly awaken women into higher possibilities and potentials.

My wish is for you to radiate in the most authentic, powerful, influential and attractive way possible that feels completely natural to you.

Here are just a few testimonials of the amazing women   I’ve worked with.

“I had been struggling with my sensuality and really didn’t know where to turn. My body had switched off and though I wanted to feel pleasure something was blocking me. After Lisa’s program that all changed. Lisa shone a refreshing, grounded, inspirational light in my world. She comes from such a beautful place and speaks with pure love and compassion. She provided me with so  much support and encouragement that ignited my inner goddess.” Jenny 

“Lisa’s support, guidance and counsel over the past few months of my sensual journey has been a truly precious experience for me. I have to come to anticipate our regular chats to dissect the recent developments in my very complicated love life and exploration into the many facets of my sensual journey. She has given me a womenderful gift. A gift that can’t be wrapped or labeled, but is truly mine and will be cherished forever. Thank you so much.” Charmaine

“Thank you  Lisa so much. Your program took me from feeling lost in the world of love to finding love in a whole new way. I feel confident who I am as a woman, I have more energy and  I have found a whole new appreciation for  my body and my femininity.” Jo 

“I am feeling so much better thanks to Lisa. Lisa helped me release something inside of me. I could feel the difference almost immediately after our first session. I have been to counsellors, acupuncturists and doctors. But your program was the best thing I have done yet. Today I live with energy and vitality that I haven’t felt in such a long time.” Anne

“Being  married for 20 years and becoming single again, I had lost my sense of self. My intention working with LIsa , was to discover who I was, what I had to offer and to rediscover the confidence I  had before becoming a wife and mother. Lisa is amazing, her ability to see the inner goddess in me and to bring that out, has changed my life. I am excited and happy , even my friends can’t believe the change in me since I discovered my feminine power. ” Lisa 

” Ever since I can remember I have felt uncomfortable and had body image issues, that impacted my relationship with my husband and my confidence in general.  I’m now a sex kitten in the bedroom. I no longer complain about my body and feel light in mind, body and spirit. You are a true Goddess Lisa, from one Goddess to another thanks you.” Gail


Sessions are in person,  via Skype or phone



The first step is to click here to have a ‘feminine power discovery session’.

Love Lisa


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