03 Apr 2018

Master of Sex

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Master of Sex

The act of sex is hidden with mysteries and powers.

It can make and break relationships.

It  can close hearts and  can open them.

It  brings harmony, bonding and ecstasy through the release of chemicals.

It  comforts the mind, body and soul to take the pain away.

It is a  gateway to surrender , vulnerability and self expression .

It is love in action.

It is a magical creation, that brings us into being.

Mastering your sex is a conscious act, that you can do to make a difference to humanity.

Yep pretty big claim I make here, though imagine a world where we lived with an open heart , had faith that we could trust each other in being  physically  and emotionally vulnerable and  express the joy of being in our bodies without it being judged as sexual or something to be feared.

This is life changing work, it has changed my life and so many of my clients too.

If you are curious ask yourself these questions.

  1. How do you feel about expressing yourself sexually?
  2. Growing up, where did you get your sexual education ?
  3. Does sex help you grow in self awareness and love or does it leave you feeling indifferent ?

Asking questions like these to my  clients  provide so much insight for them and very quickly enables me to see where the blocks are .

To master sex,  is to start developing a relationship with your sexual nature.

For an act so powerful it’s amazing we are not given the truth in  how our sexual nature shapes and impacts our lives.

When you  reclaim your sexual nature , instead of letting  any  conditioning , programming and experiences  decide how you feel and act as a  sexual being, you reclaim part of yourself .

This creates a wholeness of being in mind, body and spirit, fully awake and in tune wtih the senses and feelings. The benefits are  enormous, freedom to be yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin instills an inner confidence that  I call the  Soul EXpression factor.

Love Lisa



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