1. the Yoni is the divine passage, or the source of life. The Yoni is both uterus and vagina. It transcends the anatomical because it is also a temple where the divine female essence can be honored. 

Turn yourself on to vitality, fulfilling intimate relationships and pleasure.

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Hi I’m Lisa Hughes, the designer of the Be Be vibrator.

In 2007 I had a conversation whilst out running with a friend about sex, women and vibrators. We wondered why such an intimate product for women, was designed and marketed by men. By the time we had finished that run, my mission was born, to design , manufacture and market a vibrator.

After 2 years of research and development, along with a team of women who generously gave feedback on the design and vibrations (hard job , but someone had to do it) the Be Be was launched in 2009. By  2010, the Be Be was selling all over the world and was voted one of the top 5 vibrators in the UK by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Be Be is an accessory designed  to  inspire connection with your own sexuality, sensuality and healing.

Far too many women have been conditioned through experiences , family and cultural narratives in thinking and feeling that their erotic nature is shameful and has no relevance in their mental, spiritual and emotional development.

Far too many women are unconsciously supressing their sacred feminine energy and wondering why their intimate relationships are suffering.

Far too many women have been fed egoic patriarchal stories about their bodies that leaves them disconnected and moody becuase they are  always working to attain some type of societal ideal of what it means to be a  desirable  woman.

Start the journey like I did, get to know your body, your erotic desires and discover a new level of confidence, inner beauty and wisdom.

Our  Yoni’s are a sacred gateway to  feminine energy.

It is my belief  that in taking responsibilty for our own well being and pleasure, we are better able to support and encourage each other,  for the benefit of our familes, communities, the environment  and future generations.

Love Lisa 

Be Be Vibrator Voted Top 5 in the UK

Award Winning Be Be Vibrator