Welcome to the pleasure revolution

I am passionate about education , connection and  supporting women to step into their  feminine sexual and sensual self.

Women can too easily find themselves stuck in a role which has been impressed upon them over their lives.

I am here to break that programming so women can discover more of their  authentic  feminine essence -not societies or  anyone else’s—and to integrate that essence and expression in  mind, body and spirit.

Reclaiming our sensual feminine power and pleasure is the next wave of evolution for women.

Love Lisa 


“My mission is to educate women  about societies  conditioning and  the supression  in expressing  their unique powerful sensual feminine energy, so they can discover  their  truth, wisdom, sexual confidence , vitaliity, creativity , radiance and pleasure  from the inside out . — Lisa Hughes

Want to get started on  your pleasure journey, check out the  The Pleasure Kit . It  includes the Be Be vibrator I designed, and it is where my journey began in discovering the power of our bodies.  If you are curious about how I came to design a vibrator, you can read it here on Mama Mia





and experience more pleasure